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Our Goals

  • To enhance your child’s self-image.
  • To stimulate intellectual growth.
  • To expand your child’s knowledge of the world.
  • To help your child relate to other children and adults.
  • To provide opportunities for gross and fine motor development.
  • To help you child relate to their own emotions.
  • To help your child express ideas and feelings through a variety of methods and materials.
  • To help your child use language to communicate effectively.
  • To help your child develop good listening skills and learn to follow directions.
  • To provide patient and affectionate teachers who understand child development and respond to the individual needs of children.
Our success in reaching these goals is evident when elementary school teachers tell us they look forward to having Maplewood students in their classrooms as they are well prepared and eager to learn.  We are extremely proud of our program and would happily welcome the opportunity to work with your child. 
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